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F2S90 – SSK 90 Series


The ALL NEW Ferntree F2 S 90 – SSK 90 Series

After Introducing 4 Years ago the first Generation of the SSK series , Ferntree has reworked the whole concept of the Mini Skid Steer mulcher. The F2S90 comes now with a DUAL USE Base Plate which allows you to hook up the mulcher also to your Excavator up to 8t. Furthermore have we redesigned the whole drive line. Bolt in Stub shaft on the Rotor , New High speed bearings and high pressure motors. The shorter more compact frame comes also with a 3 position heavy duty Push bar , based on the Big Skid steer mulchers. The Rotor has now the option of 5 different tools. Single Planer – for high volume of wood material Double Planer teeth – High volume wood material with 2 cutting edges.

Carbide flat blade – Standard from factory. Great for a mix of material with medium rock above surface. Double tip Carbide – for extreme rocky conditions and max wear and life time. Sump Splitter tooth – for heavy stump splitter work.

Now you can truly Transform your mini skid steer into a brush and shrub eating power machine. Ferntree Equipment Solutions with versatility and Quality at their focus.

Mulcher Applications:

– Property Maintenance
– Landscaping
– Horticultural
– Vegetation management

Standard Equipment:


– DCR/dept control rotor
– Dual row protection Heavy chain guards
– Welded counter blades from hardox 400
– Fixed piston motor 25cc or 34cc with relief and anti-cavitation  valve
– All hydraulic hoses
– 3 belt drive
– Mechanical push frame 3 position
– Adjustable skids
– Excavator Mounting Plate

Variable Motor with flow from 11 -32 Gpm at 4000psi

Technical Data :

F2 s90 F2 s115
Working Width 35 43
Total Width 39 47
Weight Lbs 705 771
Skid Steer HP 35-60 35-60
Piston Motor cc 25 – 34 25-34
Flow Rate L/Min 13 – 17 13m- 17
Bar (Pressure) 3000psi 3000psi
Rotor mm 200 200
Pressure Gauge n n
Anti-cavitation Valve y y
Flow valve regulator optional optional
Tool Type – Fixed Carbide 26 34
Belts 3 3
Hydraulic Hoses & Couplers 2 2
Front Door n n
Electrical Connector n n
Front / Rear Safety Chains + rubber y y